Underground Coal

Now this is what we really love the most! Maybe we shouldn't tell you this but all of our sales team in this area of business are NOT in face sales people at all and not one of them has ever been trained in sales! They all hail from the deep dark depths of the maingates and headings cut through North Goonyella, Bulga, Ulan, Integra and more. Between them, there is not one underground coal mine in Australia they haven't been exploring in. And that includes the lonely ones in Tassie!
Between them, they have close to 100 years' experience at this gig! Want to go primary or secondary support drilling or you are nosey and need to core for more information or you are in trouble and need to stabilise you dodgy ground with some spiles in a hurry - or you are even chasing gas down a very long hole - they know what you need to get the job done.

Drilling Consumables - Soft Rock Complete Catalogue
Self Drilling Anchors Catalogue
Coring Equipment
Coal Seam Gas Drainage (NSW)
Coal Seam Gas Drainage (QLD)
Enerpac Intensifier Units
Ventilation fans
Venturi Extractor
Reflex Rubber Strainer
JC Safety Dolly
Quick release Grout Lances
The Cool Tube (MK2)
Ventilation Valve
Water Hole Monitor
Duckbill Ejector – Underground Pallet Handling System
Vacuum Drilling Consumables

Hazardous Environment Pneumatic equipment

Ventilation Fans
Venturi Extractor
Enterpac Intensifier Units
Reflex Rubber Strainer

Grouting Equipment

Grout Mixers & Pumps
Grout Hoses
Coring Equipment
Quick release Grout Lances
JC Safety Dolly
Coal Seam Gass Drainage (NSW)
Coal Seam Gass Drainage (QLD)
Pneumatic Equipment


Safety Poster NSW
Safety Poster QLD