Pneumatic Equipment

Hire, Sales, Service and Repair

Yep – we do the lot. Pretty much we have a rubbery rule that says if it weighs less than 100kg and is air driven – we can fix it or hire it or get you a shiny new one at the right price.

We let this rule laps when it comes to hydraulic tensioner heads and if you have something a little bigger we promised not to weight it before we try to fix it for you.

We often make sure that they are good to go in our hazardous underground workplaces but if you are not going down in the dark – we can look after you too.

If you really aren’t keen to love and look after your own stuff – we can loan you one of ours or fix yours for you and give it back shiny and almost new. It’s sometimes much cooler to be the grandparent right – and just hand them back!

Pneumatic Equipment – Hire, Sales, Service, Repair
Alminco Gopher - Top Mount Roofbolter
Eagle MK2 Air Powered Drill
Grout Mixers & Pumps
The Cool Tube (MK2)
Ventilation Fans
Venturi Extractor
Wilden Pumps