Company Overview

Company Overview

Quarry Mining staff are contactable 24/7 365 days a year.

Underground Coal Mine Drilling Consumables

  • Drill bits M16 and rope thread
  • Two Wing, Spade, Reamer, Angel Bits
  • PCD bits * Single Pass 25SQ rods
  • M/F extension rods
  • Chuck and bit adaptors in all configurations
  • Spanners
  • Top Hammer Products

    Products are available in different configurations including drill bits of flat face, drop centre and retrac with hemi spherical or ballistic buttons. For drill bits with a diameter of 64mm or larger, many additional options are available. Bit face design, size and number of buttons and number and position of flushing holes may all be specified and manufactured to request. Drill rods are available in tapered, drifter, male / female or male / male and coupling and guide tubes. All threads are offered including 12 degree tapered skirt, R25, R32, R38, T38, T45 and T51. We also stock a full range of shank adaptors, pilot reamers and adaptors.

    Button Bit Sharpening

    An in house button bit sharpening service is available.

  • Semi-auto machine utilises diamond impregnated grinding pins
  • Reverse Electrolysis in a salt water solution to erode the steel
  • Does not affect the Tungsten carbide
  • Restores Tungsten Carbide buttons back to “as new” condition
  • Recirculating coolant system suppresses any dust whilst cooling the carbide and grinding pin.
  • whole process can be repeated 5-6 times for each drill bit, which equates to significant cost savings for our customers
  • Testing, Trialing and Reporting

    Quarry Mining regularly tests and trials products on site to measure their performance under different site conditions. The reports detail drilling performance and allow customers to make comparisons between sites, ground conditions and other variables and identify any issues that may exist. These reports are critical for ongoing product improvement.

    On-site Training

    We are continually developing new products aimed at making mining safer. To support this we provide on site training in the handling and use of equipment and safe work practices, all aimed at maximising safety in equipment handling.

    Pneumatic Equipment Hire & Accessories

    Our range includes Rambor roof bolters, rib borers, mesh munchers, rock drills and airlegs, stopers, chipping hammers and grout pumps and bowls. All pneumatic equipment is for sale or hire for as little as one day, or indefinitely. We offer a full service, maintenance and repair facility. An extensive range of hoses, valves and fittings compliment our drilling consumables and pneumatic equipment. Items include all hose fittings and camlocks, oil bottles, rockdrill oil, scaling bars, whipchecks and valves for water and grout control.

    Australian Mining: Making the Future Possible

    Watch the Quarry Mining story, as told by our managing director, Kari Armitage.